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Fear Za Wrath!

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The Real Zarath

Name:  Jamie
Gender:  Male
Country:  Australia
Birthday:  19th September
About:  I'm a ninja! Fear meeee!

Zarath's Achievements

Mansion Manager Word Novice Post Novice The Rich Get Richer Job Seeker Homeless? Not me! Tiering Up! Level 1 Social Butterfly Dragon Slayer Upgrading Together Peacemaking Together Banding Together Warmongering Together Obsessed With DaeLuin Shedding Blood Together Boosted Bloodseeker Spellweaver Hardened Stalked by Many Wish Granter Haunted Eye-rate Spider Catcher Plague Survivor Extinguisher

All about Zarath

Joined:  17 Nov 2004
Total RP Posts:  110 [0.04% of total / 0.03 posts per day]
Total OOC Posts:  11569 [2.58% of total / 2.91 posts per day]
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Total RP Words: 29,356
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RP Post Average: 266.87 words
Longest RP Post: 2057 words
Profile Viewed: 12344 times

Character Information

Name:  Malcolm
Age:  42
Race:  Gnome
Base Class:  L101 Lich
Class: Warlock
Follower of: Darkness & Light
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Gender: Male
Job: Unemployed
Guild: The Evil League of Evil
Spouse: Sammich
Home: Ice Cottage in Vespora.
Gold: 4950 [Bank: 13215]
Platinum: 100
Referral Points: 0
User Value: 21984 [Items: 3819]

Poster Comments Posted

Aralli Strike I - Refusing to learn how to sleep. Wed May 31, 2006 4:35 pm

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