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PostPosted: Tue May 19, 2015 3:52 pm    Post subject: FAQ - Firearms   Reply with quote  

Q. Firearms? What are these strange new contraptions?
A. Firearms are a brand new weapon in DaeLuin, first introduced during the MoonCrest Rebellion. Designed by inventors from Talistari, these weapons represent a special blend of magic and technology.

Q. How do firearms work?
A. On its own, a firearm is fully mechanical, but it's not much good without special ammunition designed for firearms, called spell shots. As the name implies, a spell shot mimics the effects of a spell. These firearms do not use gunpowder; instead, a spell shot is activated when a rune connected to the firearm's triggering mechanism makes contact with the shot and sets off the magic contained in the shot.

Q. Does this mean firearms are magic items?
A. Nope! A firearm on its own is mechanical only. The magic is contained in the spell shot.

Q. Can I use a firearm in a dead zone?
A. Because firearms are mechanical, they can theoretically work in dead zones. However, traditional spell shots use magic, rendering them useless within a dead zone. Special ammunition like Void Shot will work in a dead zone, however, since it uses non-magical energy. Firearm ammunition that can be used in a dead zone will indicate this in the description.

Q. What's a misfire chance?
A. Spell shots are unstable, and sometimes they don't go off as expected. This might mean that the shot simply doesn't work, and sometimes it might backfire on the shooter. Different firearm models have different misfire rates. Please keep misfire rates in mind when using firearms in RPs; failure to do so is powerplaying, and may result in a warning or strike.

Q. What about the maximum range and ideal range of a firearm?
A. Medieval-era firearms, like those on DaeLuin, aren't as accurate as bows and crossbows. The maximum range indicates the furthest distance a spell shot will go using that firearm. The ideal tells you how far away your target can be for you to have a good chance at hitting that target (but of course it's still not a perfect chance, just like any other weapon or spell). If your target is outside the idea range, you have less of a chance of hitting that target. Again, please keep this information in mind during your RPs to avoid powerplaying.

Q. Can I use a firearm in the Battle Arena?
A. Right now, firearms and spell shots can't be used in the Battle Arena, but we how to add this functionality soon. In the meantime, enjoy using these new items in your role-plays.


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