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Dark Whispers
Spell Combo lvl. 1

Character Info:
Name: Vlad
Age: Unknown
Follower of: Nobody
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Base Class: L1 Wizard
Class: Necromancer
Job: Unemployed
Gold: 0 [Bank: 30]
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 20, 2015 1:20 pm    Post subject: Whispers from the dream   Reply with quote  

Engulfed in the swirling miasma of a dream nothing can escape. Vlad made his way through the endless expanse. An endless void of black mist shifting with every movement. Searching for a way out of the dreams cold embrace. In the next instant a flash of light filled the skies. Standing in its glow looked to be a nigh uncountable number of people. They bowed and prayed to be freed from the never ending dream. Holding out his right arm towards them Vlad could only try to say. "Let me help you." His words fell on deaf ears much like their prayers. Soft whispers came to him from the darkest regions of the dream. Its soft chant was something only he could hear. Turning around the soft chanting grew louder. His mind flooding with knowledge from an age long since forgotten. There waiting for him was the horror beyond the veil. Deep in the darkest reaches of the abyss they called to him.

They speak of a time before the deities. A time when the world had yet to be formed. The oldest of them existing before the birth of the world itself. They spoke of how it was a great creator. As well as a great destroyer. Its power was such and its mind so filled with madness. That it created things just to erase them from reality. Knowing it had to be stopped they tried to kill it. There was however no way to kill the horror. So they put it to sleep with a never ending song. As it slumbered the cycle of destruction came to an end. Life could finally grow to its fullest potential. The horrors wanting to grow there civilization created other races. There magic was the first and oldest of its kind. The races they spawned served the great horrors. Building there cities and homes. They spoke of a war that the never races started to free themselves. While they could not kill the horrors they could seal them away with magic of their own. Undying they plotted the escape from the dream. Their madness seeping into there world through the pores of time.

Vlad had known loss. He had lost everything and everyone he once held dream to him. It was then in his darkest hour that they came. The horrors from beyond the veil. Offering him revenge in exchange for their freedom. Wanting nothing more than to further his own will he took their offer. Without another word his eyes shot open. He was back in the waking world. His home still ravaged by the ones who tore through it. Believing all outsiders must be like the ones who attacked his home. He vowed to make them all suffer in a way befitting of their actions. The only think that could make him happy. Would be to have others feel the horror he felt. For them to understand how it felt to lose who you are. To lose the will to life only for it to be replaced with overwhelming anger.


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