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Welcome to DaeLuin on behalf of the community and staff!
DaeLuin is a freeform forum-based RPG set in a realm of spell casting and swordplay. Gods and Goddesses walk beside mortals, heroes battle for glory, and airships, floating cities, and ancient ruins are the norm. Opportunities are limited only by your imagination. Our top priority is your happiness, and we strive to keep our members entertained and having fun. Our leveling system, battle arena, and numerous shops are sure to keep you interested. Out-of-character forums provide a relaxed place to chat about anything, even if role-playing is not your primary interest.
So come and join over 9000 members, have fun, and see where your imagination takes you!




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Spirits of Earth

Recent Announcements

So here we are again. As the World Tree orbits the world of Daeluin it begins to cast ethereal taproots down among the populace, searching for suitable vessels who will contain the might of divine power within their frail mortal bodies. It is an uncertain time, for there are two divine spheres that must be occupied. Two beings who will be required to sacrifice their former lives in the service of a power, far greater than themselves.

Sages, scholars, wise men and women, priests and prophets, all consult the portents and omens that indicate a new Ava... Read More

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~The Great Labyrinth~ -{Event Closed}-

Over the past few years there have been a number of disasters that have served to alter the very shape of the landscape of Dae Luin. The recent floods were just the latest in a series of world-shaping incidents, except this time something was exposed. Something very old.

In the Hyloth mountains, millennia of soil deposits were washed away in mere days. Thousands of tonnes of earth moved in a day. But what no one living knew of was what lay beneath. An ancient structure, carved into the side of the mountain, with one entrance, carved into the stone in the form of an enormous gaping mouth.

The first people to ... Read More

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General Changes
GGA update:

Caitlin McKenna has resigned as Avatar of Fire, but her alt character, Moliira has now taken the role of Avatar of Air.

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General Changes
GGA Update

ElusivePhantom has resigned as Avatar of Air
Ochiern has been demoted as God of Strength & Justice

More information on staff changes/applications will be available soon.

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~Event Items Have Been Recovered~

[... Read More

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General Changes
Sorry for the delays on these things guys, life has been crazy!

The descriptions of the firearms from the last world event have been updated to be more specific with the changes suggested by staff and members. Thanks to Jenna for writing them up.

The mooncrest city description has also been edited to follow the event. Thanks to Chey for that one :)

The staff are still working on additional firearms, but there will be a shop for them once they are completed. I hope you enjoy these changes!

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A Year Of Good Harvest - GGA EVENT

The people of DaeLuin have gathered around to mourn the destruction of their fields and orchards realizing that with winter setting in there might be any chance of their recovery. When they looked towards the seat of Earth to help them they found no one there. Earth stood still in the wake of Water's rampage. Hope was extinguished until the day letters went out to all of the heroes' of the land.

“Dear DaeLuin Citizens,

I feel like I have failed you in ways that you could never ... Read More

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Kaerue has been invaded! Magic is nullified completely.
Kaerue has beaten the spawns and restored magic.
Kaerue has been invaded! Magic is nullified completely.