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Welcome to DaeLuin on behalf of the community and staff!
DaeLuin is a freeform forum-based RPG set in a realm of spell casting and swordplay. Gods and Goddesses walk beside mortals, heroes battle for glory, and airships, floating cities, and ancient ruins are the norm. Opportunities are limited only by your imagination. Our top priority is your happiness, and we strive to keep our members entertained and having fun. Our leveling system, battle arena, and numerous shops are sure to keep you interested. Out-of-character forums provide a relaxed place to chat about anything, even if role-playing is not your primary interest.
So come and join over 9000 members, have fun, and see where your imagination takes you!




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Spirits of Earth

Recent Announcements

General Changes
Sorry for the delays on these things guys, life has been crazy!

The descriptions of the firearms from the last world event have been updated to be more specific with the changes suggested by staff and members. Thanks to Jenna for writing them up.

The mooncrest city description has also been edited to follow the event. Thanks to Chey for that one :)

The staff are still working on additional firearms, but there will be a shop for them once they are completed. I hope you enjoy these changes!

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A Year Of Good Harvest - GGA EVENT

The people of DaeLuin have gathered around to mourn the destruction of their fields and orchards realizing that with winter setting in there might be any chance of their recovery. When they looked towards the seat of Earth to help them they found no one there. Earth stood still in the wake of Water's rampage. Hope was extinguished until the day letters went out to all of the heroes' of the land.

ďDear DaeLuin Citizens,

I feel like I have failed you in ways that you could never ... Read More

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Rebellion Ended [World Changes!]
With all of the people who rallied up behind Linus, he did not succeed. After the wall was destroyed by the rebels and their supporters, he was murdered in battle by someone who he thought had been an ally. Tricks and schemes were used against him; in the end he was wronged. As he died upon the battlefield a great uproar came from the people of Mooncrest. They didnít want another leader who was more worried about politics and gold than he was the people. They didnít want princes who were too busy fighting to rule a kingdom.

Linusís death proved one thing: It was time for the people to... Read More

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~Festive Gift Shop~

Come one come all!
I am pleased to announce the opening of the DaeLuin Festive Gift Shop.

The shop is filled with lots of surprise goodies that you can either purchase for yourself or if you are feeling charitable you can give to a friend!
On December the 25th the Festive Gift Shop will disappear and the gift boxes will magically open in your inventory to reveal the items inside!
Until that date the items will remain a mystery!

I hope you all have a wonderful time over the holidays and donít forget you still have time to join in ... Read More

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Something is Happening! - Krampusnacht [GGA Event]

It is that time once more. The land of DaeLuin is cast into eerie darkness. Even at the times in which the sun is supposed to be at its peak, there is nothing but darkness as far as the eye can see. And there seems to be a wrongness in the air as shadowy portals open in Minoc and the Cold Road around the Keep. Out comes a devil from the deepest hells- Krampusnacht.

But there is one beacon of hope. The city of Minoc is in a frenzy of excited activity as taverns and shopkeepers hang blue lanterns and garlands of dazzling amaranths and blue goldstone. Traders and musicians crowd into the city because they know what ... Read More

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[WORLD EVENT] The MoonCrest Rebellion!
The city of Mooncrest was unusually quiet that night. Families were in their beds, children were sleeping, and even the ladies of the night were not at their usual posts. Something was going to happen but that something was unknown. Streetside philosophers with signs that stated the worldís end proclaimed it was the dawn of a new era. For once the people listened and went to their homes. They didnít know why, but something felt right about the demented personís proclamations.

From the outskirts of the city, thunder roared. At first it was just one sound. It was a low, deep boom that e... Read More

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So, after much deliberation and cogitating and yadda yadda you know the score, we have come to a decision regarding the identity of the next avatar of the element of Earth.

This young lady has been a regular and familiar face on DL for a number of years now. With a consistently high output of work (and characters!) she has built up a solid continuity in her personal world-building, with input from others over the years to produce a well-known dynasty within Dae Luin.

I first encountered her when her main character was Latoya Rose. A lot's changed since then, bu... Read More

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Kaerue has been invaded! Magic is nullified completely.
Kaerue has beaten the spawns and restored magic.
Kaerue has been invaded! Magic is nullified completely.