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   Shop Name Shop Type Shop Owner

   Yuki Dira's Shop 5 gold for everything Yuki Dira

   Buy this stuff! :D Cheap Spells!! More than 50% off Azrail Blackbird

   Little shop of hor... wonders! Everything! Larka

   Moliira's Shop Synth and Alchemy Moliira

   Saved from the Ashes Bits and bobs, rare items Rhylana

   Wood & Leather Admit it, you laughed. Lajaka

   Queen's Loot Lots O' Stuff! Angela Rose

   Nami's Nicknacks Proceeds to The Wishing Well! travelingstriker

   The Tempest's Keep HUGE SALE Amarice

   Fawkes's Shop Crates and Enchants Fawkes

   ~Runyas Wares~ ~Runya~

   Eliabeth's Shop Synth and Alchemy Primarily Eliabeth

   Shopping Center Basic synth items Kiba

   Gamgi's Shop of Glory!! REOPENED Gamgi

   Inkeri's Shop Gear and Spells Inkeri

   A Pirate's Plunder Bit of everything ElusivePhantom

   The Idol's Chamber Items and spells! PM to bargain. Avaken

   The Rosens' Treasures Alchemy. Enchants. Synth. Latoya Rose

   Elven Goods Elwe

   *{Bite.Me}* DarkBeauty

   The Traveling Fox Synth, Alchemy, and Spells Tokala Fox

   The Wandering Weaponsmith Arcane / Divine Spells! ($OBO) DiamondDragoonX

   Dragon Wares Everything Eternal

   Pirate's Hold bit o' everythin Stormblade

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Personal Information

   Your Inventory -540 Gold