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Welcome to DaeLuin!

Welcome to the world of DaeLuin, on behalf of the community, the moderators and the administration!
It is very important you read this entire page, as it will give you vital information to what DaeLuin is, how it's run and the general expectations of members.

DaeLuin is a freestyle role-playing forum. The members are encouraged (but not required) to role-play with other members, to live out their dreams and to build their characters to give them a unique and interesting feel. It's a site for people to be creative, expressive and most importantly of all, to have fun.
We also provide several OOC (Out of Character) forums to let you talk and interact with the community on a normal level and you're most welcome to use these as much as you like.

DaeLuin runs on a fairly basic user system, where you earn gold from Role-Playing and you may buy items to include in your roleplaying from then on. Items obtained will be visible in your profile and inventory. It's very important to know that you cannot just create items to use, you must own them (except a basic set of clothing). If you make up items that do not exist in the shops, and you are not substituting (for example; using a kris instead of a dagger, while you own a dagger, in your roleplaying), then you will be breaking one of DaeLuins rules, and may recieve a strike by the moderators.

DaeLuin's Rules!

DaeLuin's Rules are very important, as they keep the site fun and easy to use for all the members. You may access the rules by clicking the "Rules" link in the main menu, on the left hand column. If you are caught breaking one of these rules, there will be varying punishments, from a simply verbal warning through Private Messages, to a strike, to a ban. Strikes are the name for official records of rule infractions. If you receive 4 strikes, you will get banned from the site. So it's very important you read all these rules and understand them before you begin posting. These rules are updated fairly constantly, so it's a good idea to check in on them every couple of weeks. If there is a major adjustment to the rules, there will be an Announcement about the change.

Read Announcements!

Announcements are another important aspect of the DaeLuin forums. We, the administrators, communicate all important information through them and inform you of upcoming changes, as well as creating polls to get the community's feedback on possible changes before they're added. Announcements are posted very frequently, so it's a good idea to read them at least once a week, even if you only read the first post of the threads. Often, a lot of your questions will be answered within these forums, but if one is not, it's a good idea to head over to the help forum.

Help Forum!

The Help Forum is a vital part of the running of the DaeLuin forums. This is where you should come if you have any questions or concerns at all. There is no punishment, or judgement based on people whom ask questions, so we strongly encourage people to ask any questions they have in the help forum. Your questions, no matter what they are, should be answered and dealt with rather quickly. But it's important to realise that some things may only be handled by the administration, which may take upto a day to be responded to; but rest assured, your question will be answered.

Information Forum!

The Information Forum will give you access to a list of topics that the administration has decided are important to the members of DaeLuin, or answer questions that are often asked in the help forum. The topics in here are frequently updated, and new topics are added as we see the need for them. It's important you check this forum before you head to the help forum, as often questions you have will be answered within this forum.

Final Notes!

On a final note. This site is run with the community in mind, and we do our best to make this a fun and safe place for everyone. As such, we will not tolerate any form of harrassment of other users, whether it be through traditional or sexual means. If this happens to you, we strongly encourage you to come to one of the administrators (blue names) and tell them about it. We will keep it in the strictist of confidence and deal with it as quietly as possible. We don't wish to humiliate you, or cause trouble for you, but we do not want this kind of stuff happening on or because of this website. Private messaging us things like this is absolutely okay, and we encourage it. With this in mind, please remember that ONLY private matters should be Private Messaged to the moderators and administrators, but everything else should be posted in the help forum.

Have Fun!

With the formalities out of the way, you can feel free to go and explore the world of DaeLuin! Remember, have fun!

If at any time you need to return to this page, it is linked at the bottom of every page next to the Copyright notice.