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The Real Bellator lucis

Name:  Alexander
Gender:  Male
Country:  United States
Birthday:  29th September 1987 (28 years old)
About:  Hey there, thank ya kindly for reading this. I'm a long-time role-playing enthusiast, been at it for about 2 decades now....saying that makes me my life choices but that's neither here nor there. When I'm not questing to prevent the geopolitical collapse of some otherworldly society, I'm usual out with a small group of friends, shooting each other at the local paintball range or traveling.

I'm ex-military, army, so if you are still active or retired, pm me; I'd love to swap some war stories with ya.

I'm an educated man, a man of science and wisdom. Literacy and intellect are my only requirements for friendship. You can easily win me over with discussions of astrophysics and computer tech, failing that, I'm easily sucked into conversations regarding the latest MMOs and tech trends.

I'm friendly, and I always start off friendships giving the other person plenty of leeway. However, if you prove to me your simple-minded and set in your ways, you can bet I'll toss you to the side faster than you can blink. I'm not wasting my time conversing with others who aren't willing to expand their own horizons.

Finally, let it be known that I'm different as a friend than as an strangeness as most are. If I'm a friend then expect me to rip on you a bit. I can be a little harsh sometimes but it's always out of jovial means and never spite. I have tough skin and I can easily take whatever I dish out. That being said, I know others aren't like that so if you feel that I have been too rough on you or offended you, please, let me know. I'll correct the way I interact with you from then on. After-all, friendship is a two-way street.

Bellator lucis' Achievements

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All about Bellator lucis

Joined:  18 Oct 2015
Total RP Posts:  19 [0.01% of total / 1.00 posts per day]
Total OOC Posts:  42 [0.01% of total / 2.21 posts per day]
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Character Information

Name:  Rofocale Telm'eron
Age:  Unknown
Race:  Warrior Angel
Base Class:  L7 Swordsman
Class: Paladin
Follower of: Strength & Justice
Alignment: Lawful Good
Gender: Male
Job: Unemployed
Guild: None
Gold: 35 [Bank: 6109]
Platinum: 0
Referral Points: 0
User Value: 16745 [Items: 10601]

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