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Avatar of Water

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The Real Carla

Name:  Allison
Gender:  Female
Country:  United States
Birthday:  24th February
About:  There's a section below! =D

Carla's Achievements

Word Veteran Post Expert Building Some Wealth Professional Homeless? Not me! Tiering Up! Level 1 Social Butterfly Rock Crusher Upgrading Together Peacemaking Together Banding Together Stalker Warmongering Together Boosted The Chosen One Stalked by Many Wish Granter Haunted Eye-rate Spider Catcher Plague Survivor Extinguisher Conqueror of All Hallows

All about Carla

Joined:  02 Sep 2005
Total RP Posts:  1396 [0.52% of total / 0.38 posts per day]
Total OOC Posts:  1430 [0.32% of total / 0.39 posts per day]
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Total RP Words: 549,460
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RP Post Average: 393.60 words
Longest RP Post: 1446 words
Profile Viewed: 6136 times

Character Information

Name:  Carla
Age:  Appears 20
Race:  Human/Fairy
Base Class:  L25 Blade Master
Class: Avatar
Follower of: Nobody
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Gender: Female
Job: Master Performer
Guild: None
Gold: 736 [Bank: 3116]
Platinum: 24
Referral Points: 1
User Value: 32293 [Items: 28441]

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